Easy Volunteer Opportunity: Help Distribute NCVA Posters!

April 25, 2017

Want to volunteer with the NCVA, but not sure how much time you can commit? Why not start by helping to put up some of our posters around Ottawa?

The NCVA offers potlucks, volunteer opportunities, andĀ events, as well as member discounts at local veg-friendly businesses in Ottawa. We help people in the Ottawa area transition to and maintain a plant-based diet. The more people who find out about us, the more we can make a difference, so raising awareness about the work we do is important!

Our posters (which can be downloaded and printed off here) can be put up on bulletin boards in libraries, community centres, grocery stores, health food stores, and other places (just make sure you ask permission from the store or centreĀ before putting our poster on their bulletin board!).

Thank you for your support!

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