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January 10, 2011

Vegan Pizza

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Some days, even vegans don’t want to cook. Some days even vegans have terrible cravings for pizza. It’s not a crime to want to order in some “fast food” every so often, and I find that you can make your hungry omnivorous dinner companions happy if you suggest ordering pizza. But what does that mean for a vegan? Do vegans have to sacrifice taste to continue eating ethically at pizza places? Sometimes they do. But  I have discovered a way to make “Pizza Pizza” pizza vegan and equally if not more delicious than its dairy-laden counterparts.  And here’s how to do it.

Order your pizza at (I’d recommend ordering online, as you can make all your nitpicking selections without feeling awkward with the phone representative.)

Pizza Pizza

Here are the necessary selections:

  1. Large or extra-large pizza (you may want to take advantage of one of their specials if you’re buying multiple pies)
  2. Multigrain dough (Disclaimer: Pizza Pizza claims that all of their pizza dough is vegan, though they also list honey in their multigrain dough ingredients. If you are opposed to eating honey, you may want to choose the classic white dough instead, which is for sure vegan, however I am a strong believer that the multigrain-ness of this pizza dough is necessary!)
  3. Special Instructions Crust: None
  4. Base sauce: Home Style Italian Tomato Sauce
  5. Special Instructions Sauce: Extra Sauce on the Bottom
  6. Base cheese: No cheese
  7. Toppings (3): Fresh mushrooms, Sun-dried tomatoes, pineapple (I cannot guarantee awesomeness of this pizza if you add/delete/modify topping choices)
  8. Free Toppings: Chili Peppers, Italiano Blend, Olive Oil
  9. Special Instructions: None

So next time you are ordering pizza, when it comes to taste, don’t just settle for “good enough”, go for “absolutely delicious to the extent that even your omnivore friends would agree”.

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7 thoughts on “Pizza Pizza Pizza!”

  1. Bing Wu says:

    Does the Pizza Pizza pizza look anything like the one in the picture?

  2. Creepy. I just order this exact pizza pizza pizza last night. My only changes – extra sauce on top and grilled zucchini instead of pineapple. but I almost got the pineapple instead, for real. We are pizza pizza pizza twins.

  3. Kim Marston says:

    I have been doing this for at least 8 years now. It’s fun to try different sauce and veggie combinations. My favourite is: bruscetta sauce, mushrooms, sundried tomato, green pepper, and the free olive oil topping and sweet garlic. I am not opposed to eating honey so I always order the honey garlic dipping sauce. It may sound gross but dipping the crust in it reminds me of eating chicken wings 😛

  4. Erin says:

    Neil and got one last night a pizza-booze-telly night. It was pretty awesome – great combo of flavours. Loved the sweetness, richness, plus that little kick of spice.

    I will say that it most likely to appeal to the less-is-more types. I tend to like my pizzas with every (vegan) thing I can think of piled on. My rule of thumb is that if there is any topping that is not overlapping some other topping, something is very wrong.

  5. VegOttawa says:

    I haven’t ordered from Pizza Pizza in a long time. I don’t consume honey, so that leaves the white crust, which is why I don’t order all that often. One thing I learned was to NEVER order the spinach. I did once, and there was like six tiny spinach leaves set on my pizza. NOT WORTH IT. I used to enjoy the artichokes but I think they discontinued them. Pizza Pizza is really amazing for the number of toppings they offer though.

  6. VegOttawa says:

    Oh, that was me (Pamela) above ^^^

  7. VegOttawa says:

    Here’s another SUPER tasty vegan pizza option for us Ottawans.
    Order a vegetarian pizza from Pavarazzi’s (Artichoke hearts, olives, roasted peppers, tomatoes, sesame seeds) with the herb crust and the spicy sauce.

    Thanks to Auntie Loo for this yummy suggestion!

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